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What are the effects of deindustrialization?

Deindustrialization brings both positive and negative impacts. It could reflect an increase in living standards, so consumers spend more dollars on services. Then, the reduced reduction in environmental degradation is an example of its positive effect.  However, deindustrialization also has negative consequences such as increased structural unemployment and trade deficits. There are several positive and negative effects of… Read More »

What are the Causes of Deindustrialization

Factors causing deindustrialization occurred due to higher manufacturing productivity, pushing prices and employment continued to fall. The change in the economic structure from a manufacturing-based to a service-based basis has become a natural phenomenon of economic development, as has happened in developed countries. What is deindustrialization? Deindustrialization refers to an economic phenomenon in which the contribution of… Read More »

Four Business Organizations in the Private Sector You Need to Know

The four business organizations in the private sector are sole proprietorships, partnerships, private limited companies and public limited companies. They also have distinct advantages and disadvantages. Businesses in the private sector operate in a variety of different industries. But, they share something in common, namely profit-oriented. They make money by producing goods and services to satisfy consumers. The… Read More »