Fastest! Here are 3 Ways to Merge PDF Files on Android

Come on, admit who doesn’t know PDF files ? Among students or office workers, this PDF format file is no stranger to hearing. PDF or which has the long name Portable Document Format is a document format developed by Adobe Systems, which functions for digital file exchange needs. This document format that has received recognition from ISO since 2008 can present 2D… Read More »

The 10 Best Slicing Fonts for Logos and Designs

Want to create a fashion company logo ? Or are you looking for the right font to use as a header on your Instagram feed ? The type of font that is usually suitable for these purposes is a cursive font . The type of cursive font will give the impression of being elegant, sophisticated , and also friendly in the eyes of the user. Sometimes, writing like this has poor legibility. That’s why, you should not use a cursive font in the body of… Read More »

How to Reset a Huawei cellphone and the right time to reset it

Huawei is one of the many vendors from China that have managed to get a place in the world smartphone market . Many strategies are carried out by the company which has been established since September 1987. One of them is collaborating with Leica , a German company that produces cameras, lenses and binoculars, etc. to create a certain type of Huawei camera… Read More »

How to Check Online Ticket Fines Easily and Practically

Rider motorcycle or car must have been confronted with a police raid that led to penilangan because there are rules in driving that you are breaking. Violations are usually in the form of not completing driving documents, not wearing a helmet, breaking through traffic signs and violating other traffic rules. Police raid operations are often carried out without any prior… Read More »

7 Effective Ways to Stabilize the Network While Playing Games

If you are an online game player , you must be familiar with network error conditions when you are having fun playing. Yes, even a good internet connection sometimes will not always provide a stable network when playing games, because this stability is supported not only by the ISP ( Internet Service Provider ) but several other factors as well. Keeping the… Read More »

Definition of Efficiency Ratio, Types and Examples

This article will be a guide to the efficiency ratio formula. In this article we discuss formulas for calculating efficiency ratios along with practical examples. Understanding What Efficiency Ratio Is Efficiency Ratio or efficiency ratio is a measure of how well the company manages its routine affairs. Conceptually, this ratio analyzes how well the company uses… Read More »

Explanation of Inventory Cost

The meaning of inventory cost Inventory means goods- be it finished products or raw materials / raw materials, for sale, or for personal use by the business entity at a time. Inventory consists of three elements – raw materials to be used in the production process, goods in process or incomplete goods in the production process,… Read More »

What is Working Capital Management?

Working capital management – defined as current assets minus current liabilities – is a business tool that helps companies use current assets effectively and maintain sufficient cash flow to meet short-term goals and obligations. By managing working capital effectively, companies can free up cash that would otherwise be trapped on their balance sheets . As a result, they may be able to reduce the… Read More »

What is Sales Margin? and how to calculate it

Sales Margin is defined as the profit earned from the transaction or sale of goods or services. The sales margin is the remaining after calculating all the costs of providing the product which includes the cost of production , materials, salaries, advertising and other relevant costs. Specific calculations of sales margin or sales margin in English, usually differ from business to… Read More »