Jasa Raharja Fills Compensation Paying IDR 87.72 Billion at the 2022 Eid Homecoming

By | Mei 25, 2022

JawaPos.com – Jasa Raharja has handed over compensation of Rp 44.13 billion to accident victims during the 2022 Eid homecoming. Meanwhile, compensation for the deceased reached Rp 43.59 billion. Compensation given to victims of accidents and deaths has decreased compared to that paid in 2019.

Jasa Raharja President Director Rivan A. Purwantono said that compensation for traffic accident victims who died had been handed over to the legal heirs. Meanwhile, for the injured victims who are still being treated at the hospital, Jasa Raharja has issued a guarantee letter through online integration with the hospital.

Rivan revealed that the implementation of the 2022 Ketupat Operation and Mudik Flow Security (PAM) for Eid 1443 H in 2022, which took place from April 28 to May 9, 2022, proved to be effective where the flow of going back and forth this year tended to be smooth and safe.

“The decrease in the number of traffic accidents during the Ops period. Ketupat 2022 is a successful collaboration of all parties such as the National Police, the Ministry of Transportation, the Ministry of SOEs and especially road users who have helped through their discipline and compliance so as to create security and comfort for all parties in the back and forth flow of Eid 2022, “said Rivan in his statement, Tuesday (24/5).

The island of Java is still the area with the largest number of accidents, several provinces such as East Java, Central Java and West Java are listed as the areas with the largest distribution of death compensation funds during the 2022 Ketupat Lebaran Operation period.

The speed of delivery of compensation for victims who died in less than 24 hours is faster than 2019. This is a positive impact on the speed of the payment process since the complete file is 15 minutes.

“For injured victims who are still being treated at the hospital, we issue a guarantee letter through an online service system that is integrated with the hospital so that the treatment costs are guaranteed by Jasa Raharja up to a maximum of Rp. 20 million,” Rivan explained.

Editor : Mohamad Nur Asikin

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