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It turns out that this is how to take a screenshot on a Lenovo laptop

Now it seems that everyone can take screenshots or screenshots on almost any brand of laptop. For those of you who don’t know, a screenshot is a digital image that can display the contents of the screen of an electronic device such as a computer. The presence of the screenshot feature allows laptop users to take, capture, and… Read More »

4 Practical and Fast Ways to Screenshot on HP Laptops

In today’s digital era, the term screenshot or screenshot is not foreign to hear. Screen capture is a process for capturing the display of content on a computer or smartphone device . Not only that, users can also save the screenshot in their device’s folder or gallery. However, those who first hear or know the term sometimes feel confused about how… Read More »

Here’s How to Find Groups on Telegram that’s Easy and Practical

Telegram is one of the most popular messaging applications at the moment. Moreover, since WhatsApp imposed a new policy that is considered less effective for users, many users have turned to Telegram. Telegram offers convenience and advantages which are the plus points of the application, which was first launched in August 2013. Just like WhatsApp, Telegram has a group feature where the… Read More »

Here’s How to Temporarily Disable WA on Android and iOS

WhatsApp notifications that barrage are often annoying, especially if we are still being chased by work on holidays. I really want to disable all social media , one of which is WhatsApp. The existence of social media such as Instagram , Twitter, and WhatsApp has certainly become a daily necessity for some people. But whether because of excessive use, or because there are… Read More »

Expired Domains Can Be Purchased Again or Not? Find the Answer Here!

Domain is one of the important needs for those of you who want to build a business. Domain is a unique name that will be used to identify a website. It turns out that this domain has a validity period and can be expired. Then, what if the domain expired ? Can it be repurchased or not? The following will discuss in… Read More »

This is an easy way to increase Instagram followers

Instagram is an excellent platform to increase your business presence on social media. In addition, this platform can also create audience engagement, drive profitable visitor traffic, and increase conversions.  Having a large number of Instagram followers certainly makes you more recognizable and popular. Not only that, your posts also have the opportunity to get more “likes”, thereby… Read More »

Here’s an Easy Way to Make Podcasts with the Anchor App

The popularity of podcasts in the digital era as it is today, of course, is widely used by several content creators . With podcasts , everyone can do live broadcasts like radio broadcasts. Actually, the presence of podcasts has existed since 2021, but recently podcasts have become a trend again among millennials and the creative industry . This radio broadcast-based content was originally only designed for certain platforms and could… Read More »