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TeamGroup PD1000 (512 GB) Portable SSD Review

Although not a vital peripheral device for many personal computer users around the world, external storage media continues to show developments from time to time. External HDDs are arguably still excellent among computer users who need additional storage space, but now faster, safer, and even more portable external SSDs are increasingly in demand, especially by those… Read More »

T-CREATE CLASSIC PCIe SSD Review, Fast SSD for Creators

TeamGroup, an experienced computer hardware provider, often sends us to discuss their products. We have already discussed about their RAM and SSD. Examples are T-FORCE Zeus DDR4 16GB RAM or T-Force DELTA MAX RGB SSD . This time, we also have two SSD units from TeamGroup . The first is the TeamGroup PD1000 Portable SSD which we already covered. The second is the one that will be discussed in… Read More »

ASUS ZenBook Duo 14 UX482E Review: Compact, Futuristic, Powerful

With the development of technology, the need for multi-tasking is increasing rapidly. Especially if you are a creative industry player, of course you need a laptop that is not only powerful but also has a screen that really supports productivity. The ASUS ZenBook Duo 14 UX482E is an ideal laptop in this regard. The name “Duo” on this laptop series indicates… Read More »

JBL LIVE Pro+TWS Review, Premium and Interesting to Look at

Along with the development of existing technology, audio accessories adapt quickly, especially for direct-to-ear listening devices of various kinds. What is on the rise is a Bluetooth-based audio device, aka wireless. There are Bluetooth speakers and there are also Bluetooth-based earphones or earbuds which are more familiarly called TWS (True Wireless Stereo).  TWS has experienced an increase… Read More »