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22 Techniques To Get Traffic And Promote Your Blog

Every business owner who has ever hosted a blog has experienced the frustration of trying to get readers. While we all love it when readers magically come to us, the truth is, it takes some work to build an audience. It’s easy to get frustrated and give up blogging, but once you experience the benefits of… Read More »

10 Reasons to Use Email Marketing

e-mail marketing . There is only one marketing category that continues to perform well year after year: email marketing. The reason is clear: For ten years in a row, email is generating the highest ROI for marketers . For every $1 spent, email marketing generates an ROI of $38 and gives marketers the widest reach of all the channels available to them.… Read More »

Functional Level Strategy – Definition, Types & Examples

How do you achieve your annual organizational goals? Have you just set an annual figure and started chasing it blindly? Or, do you set your milestones semi-annually, monthly, weekly, or even daily? Which is the right way to achieve your long-term goals? Obviously, setting short-term goals is a better approach to achieving larger targets. In addition, you will also… Read More »

Catalog Marketing – Meaning, Types, Advantages, Disadvantages & Examples

Studies show that consumers enjoy reading catalogs – which is why they spend time engaging with catalogs. In fact, the average time spent viewing a catalog is just over 15 minutes and consumers tend to keep catalogs for several weeks. Despite the digital age, print catalog marketing continues to provide effective success for businesses by presenting information… Read More »

Bottom-Up Budgeting – Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages and Tips

Bottom-up budgeting is a type of financial budgeting in which companies let each department set their own budget estimates . Top management then reviews the estimates made by each department and once agreed, a high-level budget for the entire organization is formed by adding up the estimates for each department. This method of budgeting, which is also called participatory budgeting, involves… Read More »

8 Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur

Starting and running a business is not an easy task. Entrepreneurial qualities define and help answer why one entrepreneur fails and quits while others bounce back and succeed in achieving what they aspire to. Some people may be proficient and become professionals however, they do not have the qualities to become a successful entrepreneur. So, not everyone has the… Read More »

Value Chain Analysis: How To Do It?

Value chain analysis requires us to examine in detail the various activities within the business . We evaluate them to see where and how businesses can create value for customers. It is useful to understand opportunities to add value or save costs, which in turn has an impact on customer satisfaction. Every activity in the business should synergize with… Read More »

How to deliver customer value? Kinds

Delivering customer value can be done in several ways. It can be by quality, design or other product attributes. Or, it could be through branding, superior after-sales service, and pricing. Each customer will have different considerations on these aspects. Some like the brand . Or, they buy for quality. Others just buy because it’s cheap. What is customer value? By definition, customer… Read More »