Review of ASUS Chromebook C214, 2-in-1 Educational Laptop, Lightweight and Durable

By | January 12, 2022

We are very happy when ASUS sends a laptop that is different from the usual. No longer a Windows laptop, on our table there is a laptop called the ASUS Chromebook C214. From the name, it is clear that this laptop presents different things. Different because what is offered is a laptop with Chrome OS. That’s why it’s called a Chromebook.

Before launching the Chromebook, we tried to “get rid of the Windows Mindset”, This was done so that we could get a new experience when trying this laptop. We think that this laptop can provide a desktop experience that may be more interesting.

Chromebook itself is a laptop device with Chrome OS, an operating system made by Google. Inside there is a Chrome browser that can be maximized for various uses. What’s more, Chrome OS offers something interesting, support for installing Android apps.

ASUS itself presents the ASUS Chromebook C214 which is specifically intended for learning. This is based on the fact that Chromebooks are widely used for learning or educational purposes. However, because those of us who tested this were working adults, we tried to apply it to try this laptop as a mainstay for work. Without further ado, let’s look directly at the following ASUS Chromebook C214 review.

ASUS Chromebook C214M Specifications

ASUS Chromebook C214
  • Layar: 11.6″ (16:9) LED backlit HD (1366×768) Anti-Glare, Touchscreen
  • Processor: Intel® Celeron™ N4000 Processor 2.8 GHz (12M Cache, up to 4.7 GHz)
  • Operating System: Chrome OS
  • Graphic Card: Intel HD Graphics 600
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • Storage: 32GB eMMC 5.1
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi 5 (802.11 ac), Bluetooth 5.0
  • Port: 1 x COMBO audio jack, 1 x Type-A USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1), 2 x Type-C USB 3.0 (USB 3.1 Gen 1) with display and power delivery support, 1 x micro SD card
  • Battery : 3 -Cell 50 Wh Battery

Body Design and Keyboard

We have to admit that the ASUS Chromebook C214 has a design that tends to be ordinary for a laptop these days. The laptop is thin, compact, and easy to carry. Its weight which is only 1.2 kg is indeed made compact so that it is easy for students to carry, including in this case for children.  

Our team of mostly adults tend to think this laptop is too small. The dimensions for today’s laptops can be for a 13-inch or 14-inch layer. Because of that, we were quite surprised to find out that this laptop is only 11 inches. The actual screen is sufficient for learning needs.

This lightweight design does not make the ASUS Chromebook C214 frail. The design is solid. Moreover, ASUS seems to know very well that laptops for children should be designed so that they are not easily damaged. In contrast to adults who are more careful, children are certainly active and sometimes often experience negligence in the use of goods.

Given these reasons, it’s not an exaggeration if the ASUS Chromebook C214 is equipped with various special protection features so that this laptop doesn’t get damaged quickly. The first feature is the spill and tamper resistant features . Simply put, this feature makes the laptop keyboard still survive if it is exposed to water spills. In addition, this laptop’s key caps are also not easy to come off so they are safe from the pranks of children who want to pry the keycaps.

Impressively, this laptop has passed extreme endurance tests and can withstand up to 10 million presses for each key. At least that’s according to claims from ASUS.

The second feature is the presence of a rubber guard around the body. We appreciate this because this protection keeps the laptop body protected even if the laptop is bumped or dropped. Moreover, this laptop has also received MIL-STD-810H certification.

The third feature is a body that is equipped with a 3D-textured finish. ASUS claims, if the finishing of this body makes the laptop resistant to scratches. In addition, laptops are also not easy to leave fingerprints after being held.

Unfortunately, for the latter, we feel that fingerprints still remain on the laptop body. At least this happens on the surface of the laptop that has the Chrome logo on it. The logo that in our opinion makes this laptop feel different.

Oh well, this surface does feel different from other parts of this laptop. Of course thanks to the different finishing that makes it feel different. In fact, all layers of this laptop are made of plastic but sturdy plastic. Not only that, this laptop hinge feels flexible but not frail. This makes ASUS Chromebook C214 easy to open even with one hand.

The flexible hinge also allows the ASUS Chromebook C214 to be changed into various modes. There is a laptop mode, a tablet mode, and a tent mode. The shape of this 2-in-1 clearly makes this laptop very flexible to use.

Leisure wear this laptop in our opinion rather noticeably less because only the one port Type-A USB 3.0 on the left. We expect at least two ports Type-A USB 3.0 on the left side. Because we see there is still room left for one more port.

It’s okay, we are still used to using the mouse to navigate desktop use. We occasionally use the touchpad. Moreover, the touchpad on the ASUS Chromebook C214 has a small space. While touch screen navigation is often used when the laptop is in tablet mode.

One more thing, the presence of a Type-A USB 3.0 port will also help to transfer data using an external storage device. Moreover, the ASUS Chromebook C214 only has 32 GB of storage. The storage type is eMMC again, not SSD.

The USB 3.0 Type-A port can also be used for an external keyboard. You know, we’re not familiar with the Chromebook’s keyboard layout. Not much different indeed. It’s just that we need to understand some combinations that are certainly different from the combinations on Windows laptops. The most obvious example is there is no Capslock button. However, this is just a matter of habit.

Oh well, in addition to the Type-A USB 3.0 port, on the left side of the ASUS Chromebook C214, there is a 3.5 mm audio jack, then there is a port for micro SD, and at the very end there is a USB Type-C which can be used for power delivery and connected to a USB port. external monitor.

While on the right side, there is a Kensington Lock at the end. Then there is one port USB 3.1 Gen 1 aka USB Type-C again the same function with port USB Type-C which is on the left. This means that the laptop charger cable can be used on the right or left side. Next to the port , there is a power button and next to it there are volume up and down buttons .

We had time to think “Why should there be a sound control button next to the power button?”. The reason is, the sound settings can also be done on the keyboard on the top row. After thinking about it again, it turns out that this button can be used when the laptop is turned into tablet mode.

From the design language, this laptop doesn’t want to appear too premium. Given that it is in an affordable price class, the design of this laptop is made simpler and simpler. This is understandable, but we still appreciate it because this ordinary design is actually wrapped with features that make the laptop have good durability so that it is safe for students, including children.

Its light weight is also commendable. This seems to be done so that Chromebooks are easy to carry in their bags and students don’t have to feel heavy when carrying their Chromebooks to school.

Something that surprised us about the design of the ASUS Chromebook C214 is the very thick screen bezels. Judging by the design language of this bezel, it makes us feel like this laptop is a laptop that came out about eight or ten years ago.

If the reason for the camera, it doesn’t make sense. The camera on this laptop has a small circle size. The bezel of this laptop screen could still be smaller.


Speaking of cameras, we can say that the camera is quite good for learning activities. The camera that is above the screen with thick bezels is suitable for video conferencing. Not bad for distance learning who often uses Zoom or Google Meet. the camera located above the screen is quite good and quite okay for the size of a laptop device.

The front camera itself can actually take good pictures. However, with sufficient light conditions. The same applies when online video conferencing , webcam quality will be maximized when in sufficient light conditions. As an illustration, here is a picture of the results of the webcam or camera portrait that is above the laptop screen.

We think, this Chromebook from ASUS only has one camera. It turns out that there is one more camera whose position is in the lower right corner, quite a distance from the keyboard.

This second camera turns out to be presented when the laptop is in tablet mode. This clearly makes the function of this laptop not only productivity but can occasionally take pictures. For the quality of the rear camera, it’s normal. Make just ordinary portraits and learning needs are still quite okay. But don’t rely on the camera on this laptop for social media. Do not believe? Just check the camera catches from this laptop.

The quality of the photos taken by this laptop does feel very lacking. In fact, it’s often blurry. However, we make sense of this considering that laptops and tablets rarely have super good camera quality like smartphones.


ASUS Chromebook C214 features an 11.6-inch screen dimension. The screen is quite small for adults but quite standard and okay for the size of students or children. The screen resolution is only HD with an IPS-level panel.

The screen has NTSC of 50% with a screen-to-body ratio of 65%. Not the biggest for today’s standards. Again, because this laptop screen is in a frame that is too thick on all four sides. Something that makes us feel this screen is a screen from the past.

The screen uses a glossy finish that does not cause reflections. However, for the screen brightness level is only 200 nits. Not the highest but when we tried to use it on the front page of the house, the screen display was still okay. There is also an anti-glare coating on this laptop screen so it is suitable for use when outdoors.

We have to be honest, the screen doesn’t provide good visuals but it’s not bad either. Standard for affordable class laptops. Watching movies and watching Youtube on this laptop is still quite acceptable. Watching 1080p Youtube videos is also still quite out of color. It’s just not that extraordinary .

What we appreciate is the touch screen navigation support. Of course, for a hybrid laptop , the touch screen is mandatory. Moreover, Chrome OS as an operating system, has a feature to run Android applications that are optimal for touch screen navigation.

Touch screen technology also supports 10 point touch screen technology. This makes touch gestures on this laptop more interactive. Good for various navigation by hand. It can also be just to doodle on the screen. The experience was quite pleasant.

What we’re a bit sad about is that the laptop we received was a unit that didn’t support a stylus . Judging from the official specifications on the ASUS Indonesia site, the ASUS Chromebook C214 has a model that supports a stylus . The model is certainly more interesting because it will support learning to draw. Children who like drawing will also be pampered with the support of a stylus.


Chrome OS

The thing we need to underline about this laptop is the operating system that offers Chrome OS. Chrome OS is an operating system made by Google that optimizes Google Chrome for various needs. The need for learning and productivity can be accommodated with Google Chrome and other Google services.

Other applications to support activities are also present in the Chrome Web Store. An example is the Zoom app. The Zoom application is present in the Chrome Web Store as a native application that is suitable for video conferencing needs. Google Meet is also available on Chrome OS.

As for other Google services such as Drive, Gmail, Youtube, all of them are accessed via Google Chrome. There is indeed a shortcut for the service but it is not a native application but rather a kind of shortcut to the Google Chrome browser.

Chrome OS is also more interesting because it can run Android applications. The presence of Android application support is an added value that makes Chrome OS not just rely on Chrome. So, Chrome OS can also offer entertainment such as playing games on Android apps or running other productivity apps.

Some of the apps on the Google PlayStore are even made specifically for Chrome OS. An example is Youtube Music for Chrome OS which offers interesting applications.

With all these things, we feel Chrome OS is indeed interesting. We can use various services commonly used on laptops such as Windows. Even for educational needs, it will certainly be more optimal because currently learning is connected to the internet, Chrome OS devices such as the ASUS Chromebook C214 are quite okay to use.

CPU Performance

The ASUS Chromebook C214 comes with an Intel Celeron N4020 processor. This processor is made with a 14 nm fabrication with a total of 2 cores and 4 strands aka 2 cores 2 threads. The processor speed is only 1.1 GHz but has a burst frequency of up to 2.8 GHz.

This processor was released by Intel in 2019. In 2020 and 2021, this processor is widely used in affordable Windows laptops. On Windows, the performance of laptops with this processor is considered less fast for today’s needs.

However, does the same thing happen on Chrome OS? Based on our experience, the Intel Celeron N4020 in the ASUS Chromebook C214 is considered optimal and okay. With the support of 4 GB of RAM, we thought this laptop would be overwhelmed by running multiple tabs in the Chrome browser.

We were quite surprised by the performance of the ASUS Chromebook C214 which can run 10 browser tabs with heavy site access simultaneously. In fact, we tested the ASUS Chromebook C214 as a work flagship for a few days. We open multiple browser tabs in Google Chrome while listening to Spotify or Youtube Music. Everything went without a hitch.

We were surprised because with an Intel Celeron processor and 4 GB of RAM, we were able to work without a hitch on the ASUS Chromebook C214. Something we rarely get from a Windows laptop with similar specifications. It seems that Chromebook devices are optimized by Google so they can perform very well.

For your information, one of our team, rarely uses Chrome as the main browser. He used to work with other browsers that he thought were better. However, when he used the Chromebook C214, he applauded the performance of Google Chrome on Chrome OS.

Graphics Performance

ASUS Chromebook C214 has an integrated graphics processor called Intel UHD Graphic which has 12 execution units. We didn’t expect much from the graphics performance of this laptop. After all, this laptop is intended for learning. So, playing games that are not optimal is not a problem.

However, since Chrome OS supports Android apps, we tried running popular games on Android like PUBG Mobile and Free Fire. Both turned out to be running pretty well on the ASUS Chromebook C214. It’s just that we don’t recommend playing old games. Playing the Free Fire game for about 20 minutes, the back of the laptop is quite hot.

oh well, because Android applications that run on Chrome OS are emulators, not native ones. When we run PUBG Mobile, there is a notification if the PUBG Mobile being played is on an emulator device so that it is placed on a different server from the PUBG Mobile server that is played on a mobile device .

Other Features

As a convertible laptop, the ASUS Chromebook C214 is not absent with various supporting features. One of the features that support connectivity. No kidding, this laptop already supports Bluetooth 5 and WiFi 5.

Given its price class, we make sense if this laptop doesn’t carry the faster WiFi 6. After all, not all WiFi places or areas are already using WiFi 6 technology.

Another thing we need to mention is that the sound quality produced by this laptop is quite good. The sound is quite okay for an affordable laptop. The presence of a 3.5 mm audio jack port can also be an alternative if you want to listen to sound from earphones or a headset.


ASUS Chromebook C214 is equipped with a 50 Wh 3-cells lithium-polymer battery. ASUS claims that the battery life of this laptop can reach 11 hours. However, in our use, the durability is not up to 11 hours. It can take about 6 to 8 hours. That’s because we use this laptop for internet, typing, while listening to music from Youtube.

We tried to test watching 720 pixels HD video playing in the VLC application. In the test, we found the laptop battery reduced by 8 percent in 30 minutes. While in one hour of playback, the battery is reduced by only 14%. Classified okay also turns out to be for entertainment.

We also appreciate the matter of charging this laptop. At least that’s based on our experience charging this laptop. From 17 percent to 70 percent power, charging time takes just 50 minutes. Meanwhile, to reach the full alias 100 percent, the time required is 90 minutes.


ASUS Chromebook C214 comes as a laptop that is okay to meet the needs of distance learning. This laptop is interesting because the system can be optimized even though the specifications from the eyes of Windows users are relatively small. It turns out that Chrome OS can be more optimal.

It seems that Chrome OS does very well as a system for learning. Moreover, Chrome OS on the ASUS Chromebook C214 is very easy to maintain . Almost all of the core components on this laptop can be accessed easily, making it very suitable to be used as a learning tool in schools that on average have limited access to IT technicians than companies.

In addition to education, this laptop is also still quite comfortable for work. Of course, with a note that as long as the support services work, everything can be accessed via the Google Chrome browser. The presence of support for running Android applications is also a plus from the ASUS Chromebook C214.

After we tried the ASUS Chromebook C214, we can conclude that this laptop has many interesting things. However, of course there are also things to consider when buying this laptop. Here we provide a conclusion in the form of advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of ASUS Chromebook C214

  • Supports 360-degree mode with a sturdy hinge that is easy to open with one hand
  • Designed with protective features and durability certification
  • Audio quality is okay for its price class
  • Chrome OS that provides a new and optimized experience even with the usual specifications
  • The 11-inch HD screen is still quite okay
  • No lag used for productivity or distance learning
  • Super fast charging
  • Flexible body design and easy to carry.

Disadvantages of ASUS Chromebook C214

  • The screen bezel is too thick, looks like an old-school laptop
  • Standard webcam camera, second camera for taking pictures tends to be ordinary
  • Those who are used to Windows laptops, need to adjust to Chrome OS and keyboard layout

We think that the ASUS Chromebook C214 is quite okay and very suitable for use by students and children. Its performance is considered optimal for learning, even if it is used for productivity. However, what needs to be underlined, Chrome OS devices such as the ASUS Chromebook C214 will be more optimal when connected to the internet.

ASUS Chromebook C214 is sold at a price of IDR 5.6 million. The price is quite attractive. Moreover, ASUS promises a 3-year warranty for everyone who buys this laptop.