JBL LIVE Pro+TWS Review, Premium and Interesting to Look at

By | January 12, 2022

Along with the development of existing technology, audio accessories adapt quickly, especially for direct-to-ear listening devices of various kinds. What is on the rise is a Bluetooth-based audio device, aka wireless. There are Bluetooth speakers and there are also Bluetooth-based earphones or earbuds which are more familiarly called TWS (True Wireless Stereo). 

TWS has experienced an increase in usage along with the proliferation of cellphones that no longer provide a 3.5 mm audio jack port . All connect wirelessly and make the audio experience even more enjoyable. Because of this, many brands are competing to present their version of the best TWS . 

An example is JBL which presents the JBL Live Pro+ TWS device. This TWS comes as a premium product from JBL. This makes JBL Live Pro+ TWS have to compete with premium TWS products from other brands such as Airpods Pro and Samsung Galaxy Buds 2.  

Why should it be juxtaposed with these two brands? Because the two brands are sold in the price range of Rp. 1 to Rp. 2 million, even more. Meanwhile, the price of JBL Live Pro+ TWS comes at a price of around Rp. 2 million. 

Presenting TWS in that price range, of course, must present something that becomes an attraction. Moreover, this market is not as busy as the market with TWS below Rp1 million. Many people are indeed looking for TWS under Rp1 million. 

So, what is the JBL Live Pro+ TWS.ini like? Is it worth buying? Just take a look at the following reviews. 

JBL Live Pro+ TWS Specifications

JBL Live Pro + TWS
  • Dimensi: Earpiece 10 gram, Case Charging 49,5 gram 123 x 123 x 40 mm
  • Bluetooth: 5.0
  • Frequency : 2.4 GHz – 2.4835 GHz
  • Battery : 2 Hours Charging and music playing time up to 7 hours  
  • Features : Touch Control, ANC, Sweat Resistant, JBL Signature Sound, and more 

Sales Box 

With a price tag of IDR 2 million, what can you get from JBL Live Pro+ TWS.ini? The first thing I saw was the very simple sales box. For a premium product, this sales box is not suitable. However, this is subjective to me because I often see TWS selling boxes in the affordable price class. 

Problem sales box is not a big problem. Because in the end, the JBL brand itself is seen. It doesn’t stand out because the logo is in the upper left corner. 

So, what’s in the sales box? The first, of course, is a pair of JBL Live Pro+ TWS earbuds. Then there’s the USB Type-C cable which is quite short, typical of most TWS charging cables. Then there are eartips with 4 types of sizes to choose from, if the eartips that are attached don’t fit the ear. 

There is also a charging case or charging case whose color matches the alias in harmony with the TWS. Not to forget there is a fairly thick manual that I definitely didn’t read complete with a warranty guide. 


This JBL Live Pro+ TWS has a design that feels simple for a premium product. The shape is like TWS in general. There is a stem frame where the touch control and the shape of the earbuds are quite suitable for my ears. 

The interesting thing from the design side is the attractive pastel colors. There is indeed a black color variant. However, the variant that we tested is a pastel pink color variant which is quite interesting. Especially for women. In addition to black and pink, JBL also provides Beige and White colors. 

The charging case is also relatively the same as other TWS. Nothing special at all from the radiance of shapes and colors. However, when held, this TWS case feels smooth and feels very premium. 

This denies that this product seems ordinary. Well, it must be admitted that the appearance of the product tends to be ordinary. Maybe it’s because of the moldy TWS, which is what it looks like. 

The thing that needs to be appreciated is that the premium impression can be obtained when you touch the item directly. Both the charging case and the TWS both present a good design. The four LED indicators on the charging box also give an attractive impression even though they are not colorful. Of course this is not TWS RGB. 

What I like is that the touch navigation on the JBL Live Pro+ TWS is not too complicated. The fairly firm trunk provides easy touch navigation. My hands are quite big though. To do pairing with other Bluetooth devices is also quite easy. 

Features and Sound Quality

The various features embedded in JBL Live Pro+ TWS are quite complete. Very in accordance with the price offered. Several important features such as AND or Adaptive Noise Canceling are already present on this phone. Adaptive Noise Canceling itself is a feature to muffle sound from outside. This makes the ear more focused on the sound in the earbuds. 

Some of the other features that are present are Ambient Aware, Google Assistant support, and JBL Signature Sound technology. Everything is certainly presented so that this device can produce good sound quality without being disturbed by outside sounds. This makes users quite comfortable using this TWS for a long time. 

Admittedly, the sound that comes out of this TWS makes the ears comfortable. Bass produced in songs rich in Bass is quite pronounced. Listening to music and watching movies using this TWS is really convenient.  

Used to communicate or online meetings are also very suitable. Moreover, this TWS has a feature to dampen the sound of the wind which makes the sound from these earbuds like a direct conversation. 

Another feature that I like is that it is resistant to splashes of water or sweat. This makes the JBL Live Pro+ TWS also suitable for exercise. 

In addition, JBL Live Pro+ TWS has JBL Headphone App support. This is an application that can adjust the equalizer and make sound settings according to taste. 

There are several things to consider when using this JBL Live Pro+ TWS. The first, the touch sensor is too sensitive. When I use this TWS, suddenly the music playing stops by itself. I was a bit surprised by this. It turns out that the control is quite sensitive to the wind that blows. Even when I’m sleeping, sometimes it feels like it stops on its own. Maybe the effect of friction.

One more thing is a matter of convenience. This point was told by my colleague who has used the first generation of AirPods. According to him, JBL Live Pro+ TWS has good sound quality. However, the quality and comfort are still inferior to AirPods. AirPods only lose about the ANC feature that AirPods don’t have.

For usage time, the JBL Live Pro+ TWS is claimed to be able to be used continuously for 7 hours. Usage can also be used for up to 28 hours with the provisions of 7 hours of use and 21 hours in the JBL Live Pro+ TWS case. 

In addition, this JBL Live Pro+ TWS case has wireless charging technology with Qi-wireless charging technology. So, if there is a cellphone that supports reverse wireless charging , it can be connected to this TWS. In addition, for charging inside the case, it will take 2 hours for the indicator lights to come on all the way. 


The JBL Live Pro+ TWS is a very fun TWS to use. Various high-end features embedded in this phone. I myself am satisfied with this TWS. The songs I listen to feel different sound quality when compared to when I use cheap TWS or even wired earphones. 

This TWS also helps me to keep listening to music comfortably when I’m in the bathroom. Of course with a distance that is still not too far from the sound source. Therefore, I can conclude that this TWS is indeed quite attractive, although of course the price is a premium price. 

Here are some things that I can conclude after using this TWS. 

Advantages of JBL Live Pro+ TWS 

  • Premium Design and Attractive for Women
  • Good Build Quality
  • Features and Good Sound Quality 
  • Suitable for exercise 
  • ANC features that are not just a gimmick.

Disadvantages of JBL Live Pro+ TWS 

  • Nothing is too special and makes a difference to compete
  • The control is quite sensitive

The shortage part will certainly be a consideration. Because with that price class, people might still choose TWS from Apple or Samsung. But, who knows in the future, with JBL’s big name, premium TWS from JBL could attract attention.