The 10 Best Slicing Fonts for Logos and Designs

By | January 10, 2022

Want to create a fashion company logo ? Or are you looking for the right font to use as a header on your Instagram feed ? The type of font that is usually suitable for these purposes is a cursive font .

The type of cursive font will give the impression of being elegant, sophisticated , and also friendly in the eyes of the user. Sometimes, writing like this has poor legibility. That’s why, you should not use a cursive font in the body of the article or in any form of paragraphs.

The thing to note about cursive fonts is that each font has a more specific niche . Some of them emphasize the elegant side, while some of them aim to make the copy design look more chic and cute .

Therefore, Carisignal will also reveal the 10 best cursive fonts that can be used as the basis for making logos or beautifying social media campaign designs . You just need to judge for yourself which one is suitable for your target audience. Want to know anything? Check out the one below!

1. Blackpool

Blackpool is one of the best cursive fonts suitable for the fashion niche , culinary sites, or anything else. Blackpool has a fairly generic style, so it stays “connected” even when used in a more general niche .

This font is made by Bluestype Studio from Indonesia. Jefri Dwi Alfatah as the author- it also has released several fonts cursive more interesting that you can see here .

Blackpool itself also presents uppercase and lowercase letters, ranging from A to Z. Unfortunately, this font does not include modifications for numbers 0-9 or special characters on a free license.

You can download this font for free at this link . But remember, this free license is only valid for personal use. For commercial use, you can buy Blackpool’s premium license for $6.5 here .

2. Moon Walker

For those of you who are looking for a more unique cursive font , Moon Walker can be the right solution. By displaying bold letters and a beautiful swash in italics, Moon Walker is really suitable as a logo or header on a poster.

Moon Walker also has a unique texture that makes it look like it was written using a real pen. This font will be a beautiful logo if added with drop shadow , emboss , or outline . Depends on your creation.

For a personal license, Billy Argel’s Moon Walker can be downloaded at this link . Meanwhile, commercial licenses are also available for various needs. For the cheapest, choose the standard license for $ 39 on the site or via this link .

3. Brillotus

Another font that is best cursive is Brillotus. Like Blackpool, this font is also the work of Indonesian youth, even though it is under a different studio, namely Sibelumpagi Studio.

Brillotus has a dynamic writing style and looks clean, suitable for various purposes such as quote content, logo design, t-shirt design, and many more.

Even though it is a serialized article, Brillotus really has good legibility and is easy to mix-and-match when incorporated into social media content designs. The demo license even offers the number characters 0-9, you know !

To get the personal license, Brillotus can be downloaded via this link . Meanwhile, you can also get the paid version at this link for IDR 217 thousand for a commercial license and IDR 7 million for a corporate license.

4. Dancing Script

If you don’t want to spend a budget at all, you can download this cursive font called Dancing Script. The font is included in the Google Fonts library. Yep , this is where if you want to find open source licensed fonts .

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Dancing Script has its own charm, presenting nuances of handwriting that is not so neat to show its natural side. You can also get complete packages with special characters and glyphs or alternative characters.

This font made by an Argentinean named Pablo Impallari also gives a casual impression and is suitable for attracting an audience to your brand . To download it, just click here . Not only for personal use , you can also use this font on print media or digital promotional media for free!

5. Brusher

One more cursive font that is suitable for quotes or typographic designs on t-shirts, namely Brusher. Type typeface like brusher was an ideal to be used as a heading or a short essay.

The brusher has a handwritten type with an uneven baseline , making it very unique and looks like real handwriting. This font is available on the Graphic Burger download page which provides graphic assets such as mockups , illustrations, and typefaces for free.

Not only is it free for personal use, you are also free to use it on commercial projects without the need for attribution or credit at all.

Our advice, do not use this font in paragraphs that are too long because it can make the audience’s eyes dizzy. But when it comes to short quotes, one-liners , and logos, the Brusher really has an aesthetic that’s immersive. Click here to download.

6. Cutie Star

If your audience is mostly girls, using Cutie Star would be ideal for you. Like Brusher, this font also has an uneven baseline . Judging from the design style, this Cutie Star from Artimasa looks like it was written by a child and can be used to make your audience feel young when they see it.

You can also use Cutie Star as a caption for your photography to give it an edgy and rebel side , paired with a film grain filter to create beautiful typography. Unique accents such as stylistic sets and ligatures (connectors between two letters) are also present to enliven this font .

Cutie Star itself is available for free at this link , and you can use this font anywhere without having to attribution to the author . But of course, the author will still appreciate the attribution you give.

7. Stay Classy

Well, for this one, you will get an elegant impression that is present in Stay Classy’s sleek design . If created properly, Stay Classy will transform into a stunning minimalist logo.

Because the characters are thin, we recommend avoiding using this font in long writing because the legibility is not optimal. This font will also not be ideal for advertising use on billboards , unless it has been modified to be bold.

Stay Classy can be used as a title in a wedding organizer brochure or as a heading in a wedding invitation design. If you have or intend to have a business in the fashion sector , this chic style can be created into a logo for easy branding .

The license that can be obtained for free is commercial use , just visit this link and download the font . If you are interested in other fonts made by Solidtype, you can also visit this link .

8. Smooth Stone

If you are carrying out promotions for a book or literature event , then Smooth Stone can be the right choice. The curves and swashes on Smooth Stone look really good, giving it a classic lettering feel.

The use of Smooth Stone is quite versatile , it can be used for stationery design , logo creation, quotes , and for a young and creative target audience. The available letters are also fairly complete, such as numbers 0-9, as well as special characters that include punctuation marks.

Without having to pay a penny, Smooth Stone’s commercial license can be downloaded for free by clicking this link , you know . If you want to donate or see other works by the author , you can visit Vlad Cristea’s Creative Market profile .

9. Baksoda

If you want to give a modern touch to serialized writing, you can consider Baksoda by . This font presents a beautiful swash with a dynamic writing style for calligraphy logo designs or creative projects you are working on.

You can make italics using Baksoda, and make some necessary modifications to produce a good logo or beautify photography ornaments. All alphabets such as upper-case and lower-case are available in this font .

Unfortunately, the free version of Baksoda is only available in the demo version, you can download it here . You can get a commercial license on the cheapest package for $16 via this link . If you get the commercial version, you can also download the swash collection so that the writing can be made more beautiful in a practical way.

10. Seconds

To have cursive with a unique and different style, you can use Seconds in your social media feed design or for your website banner . Seconds really looks like it was written with a brush, giving it a really deep literary feel.

Seconds is not only available for free but also includes all the characters on the keyboard . In fact, Seconds also provides alternative fonts for those of you who want to use this font in other languages ​​such as German or French.

Available for personal and commercial use , please click this link to go to the download page. To show your appreciation, you can make a donation to Motokiwo Design or buy the premium fonts which you can find here .

Well, those are 10 serialized fonts that you are ready to use for business or personal purposes. Don’t forget to always pay attention to the license of the font you use, OK?

Some of the fonts above are available for free and paid for, and some are free but require you to include attribution to the designs you create. Be creative wisely, and hopefully the recommended fonts we provide can help your project run smoothly. So, which font did you choose?