How to Reset a Huawei cellphone and the right time to reset it

By | January 10, 2022

Huawei is one of the many vendors from China that have managed to get a place in the world smartphone market . Many strategies are carried out by the company which has been established since September 1987.

One of them is collaborating with Leica , a German company that produces cameras, lenses and binoculars, etc. to create a certain type of Huawei camera technology.

But it seems that it has become the nature of a device. No matter how sophisticated the device is, there will be times when it experiences problems. It’s the same with Huawei.

Although many of their products are sophisticated, to anticipate or overcome errors faced by users, there are several ways that can be used. In the following, we will describe how to reset a Huawei cellphone so that it can go back to normal.

When to Reset Phone?

There are times when you find the phone is not running normally as usual. Whether it’s an application that can’t be opened, the phone doesn’t respond when you touch the screen, or the phone doesn’t enter the menu at all. There is always a way out to solve the error phone.

In the world of technology, resetting a hardware device is done to overcome these errors. Reset is an act of returning the current phone settings to their original settings. Maybe you will ask when is the right time to do a reset? Here are some of the answers.

1. When System is Slow

One of the things that every device user really hates, be it a cellphone, laptop or other device, is slow or sluggish. Slow is defined as a device that is experiencing a delay in responding to a command.

Slow phones take longer to operate. For example when you want to open a certain menu. Instead of the menu being opened, the phone doesn’t even move at all when you touch the menu.

This is the first sign you should reset your phone. Because the phone is no longer responsive, it indicates something is wrong with the cellphone.

2. When Experiencing Internet Network Error

Internet network on a smartphone is something very important and basic. This network is likened to a basic human food that must be fulfilled. A cell phone can still be used even once without an internet connection. However, its use is very limited.

The function of the cellphone will only be limited to sending messages and making calls. That’s on condition that the pulse is sufficient. Try to compare when the phone is connected to the internet network.

Not only sending messages and making calls, you can fulfill almost everything, for example distance learning, working (for WFH), surfing the virtual world, getting entertainment, and much more. That’s the importance of the internet network for a cell phone.

Then, what if the cellphone cannot be connected to the internet network even though the indicator bar shows a stable network? Well, this is the second sign that shows that your cellphone must be reset in order to be able to connect to the internet network.

3. When the Phone Menu Error

If you feel that there is something strange when operating your Huawei phone, you should find out the source of the problem first. When simple things to overcome the error menu cannot be returned then you can do a reset on your cellphone.

The error menu is marked with Home that cannot be opened. Even though you have opened the Home menu on your Huawei phone but the screen is not moving. This means it’s time for you to reset your phone.

4. When the app crashes

Sometimes it’s not just the Home menu that’s the problem. Sometimes the app shows stubborn signs where it doesn’t respond when you tap on its icon. Indeed, this can be caused by many things, for example, there are too many applications on your phone.

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We recommend that you try to delete some applications that you feel are not so important. If after that the application still does not run as usual, such as suddenly the application stops and a force close occurs , you should do a reset on your phone.

How to Reset a Huawei Phone

Then the question arises how to do a reset on a Huawei device? Well, now you have come to the main discussion. Here, you will try to explain how to reset a Huawei phone properly and safely.

Before you reset the phone, things that you should not miss is the mem- backup of data . Because when the reset is done, then everything will return from zero. In the sense of data, contacts and applications will be deleted. Well, the ways to reset a cellphone on a Huawei device are as follows.

1. Factory Reset

Some people think that a factory reset is the easiest way to reset. Almost all phones that use the Android system have this menu. The steps to reset the phone by means of a factory reset are as follows.

  • Open the Settings menu , then select Advanced Settings .
  • After that tap the Backup & Reset menu .
  • Select the Factory Data Reset option .
  • After that, you will be asked to enter your PIN to continue the data reset.
  • Select Yes or OK to start the phone reset process.
  • Wait a few moments until the reset process is complete. Usually this process will take a few minutes. If the reset process is successful, the phone will restart then the phone will return to the way it was when you first bought the phone.

2. Recovery Mode

The first method above is like a first aid measure on an error cellphone. The steps are relatively simple and practical. While the following method is a more complex way.

Recovery mode cannot be done carelessly. For ordinary people, this will be confusing because we may not know which options are useful for resetting the phone and which ones will actually damage the phone. Immediately, we see how to reset through recovery mode .

  • Turn off the Huawei phones that we have first.
  • Press the volume up button + power button at the same time. Hold for a few seconds until the Huawei logo appears on the screen.
  • After the logo appears, release the two buttons you pressed earlier.
  • Select the Wipe Data or Factory Reset option by pressing the volume buttons.
  • Next press the power button to confirm the command.
  • Select the Wipe Data or Factory Reset menu again for the second time. Press the volume button to navigate through the menu options and press the power button to confirm the menu option you selected.
  • Then, select Reboot System Now .
  • The Huawei smartphone will then perform a system reset.
  • Wait a few minutes until the reset process is successful and the phone restarts . After the restart is complete, you will find the phone like new again. The appearance and settings will be the same as when the new phone was purchased.

Differences Factory Reset and Recovery Mode

Factory reset and recovery mode are both steps to solve a cellphone that has an error on a cellphone. But the two methods have differences. This difference is seen from the level of damage to the cellphone.

Factory reset is done if the phone is not so bad. In the sense that the phone can still be used sometimes for a while. However, if the level of damage is severe, for example a blank cellphone and recovery mode is the one chosen to overcome it.

Well, those are some ways you can do when you want to reset your phone to improve phone performance. Nothing difficult, right?

Oh yes , when you do recovery mode or hard reset make sure the buttons are still functioning properly. The reason is that navigation in the recovery mode process uses a key combination.

And last but not least, the battery must be fully charged. Do not let the phone run out in the middle of the reset process. This will potentially damage the system.