How to Check Online Ticket Fines Easily and Practically

By | January 10, 2022

Rider motorcycle or car must have been confronted with a police raid that led to penilangan because there are rules in driving that you are breaking. Violations are usually in the form of not completing driving documents, not wearing a helmet, breaking through traffic signs and violating other traffic rules.

Police raid operations are often carried out without any prior notification of when and where the raid will be carried out. But if you have been raided and you are required to pay the fine, you should first check the amount of the ticket fine that you have to pay.

Oh yes , there is information about the type of ticket issued by the police. Let’s hear it first!

Types of Tickets

Fines and fines are given to drivers caught violating traffic rules. When someone gets a ticket, that person will be given a ticket containing the type of violation committed and the amount of the fine that must be paid.

There are different types of ticket issued. The police have five types of ticket for traffic rules violators. These are the types of ticketing tickets issued by the police when a traffic violation occurs.

  • Red ticket . This ticket is given to violators who refuse to be ticketed by the police officer who ticketed them. Although there is no fine, the process will continue to court with a trial schedule set by the police.
  • Blue ticket . This letter is intended for violators who admit their guilt, want to participate in the trial process and pay a fine according to the type of violation they have committed.
  • Green ticket . This letter is for court archives.
  • white ticket for the prosecutor’s archive.
  • Yellow ticket . This letter is kept by the police as a police file.

How to Check Ticket Fines Online

After you are given a ticket, the police will tell you the amount of the fine. But if you are unsure about the amount of the fine that was notified, you can check the fine yourself online.

You need to do this to check the accuracy of the amount of the fine so you can adjust your current financial situation. The methods are as follows.

1. Check Via the E-Ticket Site

You can check online traffic tickets by accessing the site belonging to the District Court in their respective regions. Since the introduction of electronic ticketing in major cities in Indonesia, fines can be checked directly on websites belonging to their respective regions.

  • Go to website .
  • Fill in the dialog box that appears on the main screen of the site. Enter the registration number at the bottom of the blue ticket.
  • If the e-ticket number is valid, information information will appear containing the BRIVA ticket number at the very top, data on the violator and the type of vehicle along with the vehicle number.

Checking online fines by accessing this site is the maximum amount. So, you still don’t get information about how much you have to pay for your traffic violation.

The maximum amount of information provided is categorized based on Law No. 22 of 2009. The articles described on the e-ticket website include:

  • Article 281. Without a driver’s license, the amount of the fine to be paid is Rp1,000,000
  • Article 288 paragraph 2. Unable to show a SIM, the amount of the fine is IDR 250,000
  • Article 280. No number plate. The fine is IDR 500,000
  • Article 285 Paragraph 1. No mirrors, brake lights, headlights and other technical requirements on the motorbike will be subject to a fine of IDR 250,000
  • Article 285 Paragraph 2. No mirrors, brake lights, headlights, and technical requirements on the car will be subject to a fine of IDR 500,000
  • Article 278. Cars not equipped with wheel openers, safety triangles, spare tires and first aid in an accident will be fined Rp. 250,000.
  • Article 287 Paragraph 1. Violating traffic signs is fined Rp. 500,000.
  • Article 287 Paragraph 5. Violating the rules of the maximum high and low speed limits will be fined Rp. 500,000.
  • Article 288 Paragraph 1. If you do not have a STNK, the amount of the fine that must be paid is Rp. 500,000.
  • Article 289. Not wearing a seat belt, the fine is Rp. 250,000.
  • Article 291 Paragraph 1. Not wearing a helmet will be fined IDR 250,000.
  • Article 293 Paragraph 1. Not turning on the main light at night and under certain conditions will be fined Rp. 250,000.
  • Article 293 Paragraph 2. If you don’t turn on the motorcycle lights during the day, the fine is IDR 100,000.
  • Article 294. If you don’t turn on the turn signal on the motorbike when turning, the fine is IDR 250,000.

2. Check the Online Ticket Fines Via the District Court Site

By accessing the site belonging to this District Court, traffic violators who are subject to police raids can directly check the ticket fines that must be paid. For example, when you get a ticket in the Central Jakarta area, you can check it through the District Court in that area.

However, each region has its own way of checking the amount of the fine. This depends on the PN policy in the region. Here are some ways to check traffic tickets in major cities in Indonesia through the website of the district court in each region.

Check Online Ticket Fines in the Central Jakarta Area

You need to know, if you get a ticket in the Central Jakarta area, you can go directly to the local district court website. The steps are as follows.

  • Open the website page .
  • Look for the ticket and ticket info menu , then click on the menu.
  • Then you will be redirected to the e-ticket info page.
  • Follow the instructions listed on that page.

Check Online Ticket Fines in South Jakarta

You can find out the amount of the fine for those of you who were hit by a police raid in the South Jakarta area through the website of the District Court in that area. Here are the steps to find out.

  • Go to the official website .
  • Look for the Check fines ticket menu, then click on the menu.
  • Fill in the information fields as requested by the site.

Check for fines in the East Jakarta area

There are three ways to search for ticket information at the East Jakarta District Court. You can choose which method you think is most effective. Let’s continue reading this article.

  • The first way is to open the site page . After that, enter your registration number or name in the column to find information on ticket fines and the date of taking your SIM or STNK.
  • Second, you can access the site . Enter the name or ticket registration number. After that tap the search button in the available menu. The information on the fine and the name of the violator will appear in a few seconds.
  • Finally, by accessing the site . Enter the name and ticket number, then select the Search button. Wait until the ticket fine information appears on the monitor.

Check fines for tickets in the West Jakarta area

The services at the West Jakarta District Court are arguably more complete than services elsewhere. To check the information on the amount of the fine, here are the steps you must take.

  • Open the PNJB ticket info menu on the site .
  • Look for the info menu and fill in the ticketing case search column .
  • Then, click Search .
  • Wait a few moments until the ticket fine information appears.

Check fines for tickets in the North Jakarta area

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Well, if you get a ticket in the North Jakarta area, you can take care of information on a ticket fine at the North Jakarta District Court. But to make it easier, you can access the official website of the district court.

  • Open the main page of the site .
  • Look for the ticket info menu , then click it.
  • Wait a few seconds, the page will be redirected to the e-ticket information page.
  • After the page opens, enter the ticket registration number .
  • Tap the Search button and wait for the ticket fine information to appear.

That’s how to check online ticket fines that you can do. Even though ticket check services are now made easier with features made by the government, that doesn’t mean you can ignore the regulations on the road.

Stay obedient to the rules on the road. The reason is that by obeying traffic rules and signs, we can improve driving safety. Don’t hurt other drivers.