Here’s How to Set Spacing in Word for Neat Text

By | January 10, 2022

Spacing or spacing is a feature of Microsoft Office Word that was made to adjust the spacing between lines of text. In processing a document sometimes the distance between the text is not the same.

Some are too close or sometimes the text line spacing is too wide. This is where you can use spacing to adjust the distance between lines of text to make it look neat and comfortable when reading it.

In the manual writing process, you can adjust the layout of the writing according to your wishes by using stationery. But when using Microsoft Word, there are rules and steps that you have to follow.

Well, you need to know that there are several kinds of spacing. Let’s get acquainted with spacing and how to set spacing in Word for any document.

Types of Spacing in Microsoft Word

Spaces in a document are very important. Spaces make the reading process easier. Text line spacing is very useful when we process the documents in the paragraph containing the font ( font ) and other elements such as images, symbols and certain formulas.

Spaces are of several kinds and each is used to process a specific document. Here is the list.

1. Single Space

In the menu bar you can find this space processing option. You can also use keyboard shortcuts to speed up the appearance of spaces. For example, to display single spaces, use the shortcut CTRL+1.

Single spacing is a space that sets one line between character spacing. The greater the space, the distance between lines of paragraphs or writing will be wider as well.

2. Multiple Spacing

This spacing option allows you to type in the amount of spacing you want. Multiple spacing will make the text space spread out and wider than Single spacing.

If you want to make the spaces closer together, you can use a smaller value, for example 0.9. You can bring up multiple spaces with the CTRL+2 combination key.

3.Space At least

Spacing settings At least allow you to determine the value of the space between lines by adjusting the largest font size in the text. Microsoft Word is free to increase the space value beyond the value you specify, but it can no longer be reduced.

Spacing settings At least used to change the default spacing settings where lines of text and paragraphs have a small value.

4. Spacing Exactly

Finally, there is the Exactly space. This spacing setting makes the spacing between lines unable to be adjusted to the size of the letters in the line.

At this space, Microsoft Word will add a blank space between lines of text so that the text is easy to read according to the font size or the largest element in the line.

Setting the Space Between Text

Spaces in Microsoft Word’s built- in editing menu have several options made to make editing documents easier. You can change the spacing between certain text characters as you need. Below are some ways to set the spacing that are useful for the editing process.

1. Space Between Characters

There are various types of spaces in the text. Some are expanded or stretched ( expended ), some are condensed . The use of these spaces depends on the writing standard of each document that you create.

Spaces for writing scientific papers will certainly be different from spaces for writing books or magazines. Well, how to change the space on the text character? Here are some steps:

  • Select the text you want to edit.
  • On the Home tab , click the launcher that contains the font.
  • Then click the Advanced tab . In Microsoft Word 2007 and later , the Home tab is called Spacing .
  • In the Spacing box, no expandable option ( expended ) and sealed ( condensed ). Select the space you need in the box.

2. Space Between Characters of a Certain Size

The spacing between one character and another refers to the way in which the spacing between certain characters is adjusted. Its purpose is to give a better look to a document.

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This space setting is done by reducing the spacing between characters of the same size, for example “A” and “V” and increasing the spacing between characters that are not the same. The steps to set the size of the space between characters are as follows:

  • Select the text you want to edit.
  • On the Home tab in Microsoft Word, click the box containing the font menu. Then click the Advanced option .
  • Check the space between characters box.
  • Then, enter the size you need into the Point and Above size box .

3. Setting Text into Horizontal Spacing Shapes

When editing text, you definitely need to change the shape of the characters by percentage. You can adjust the text by making the spaces tight or spaced. The method is like this:

  • Open the document you want to edit.
  • On the tab Home ( Home ) Microsoft Word, click the Font dialog box. Select Advance .
  • Select scale . In the scale box, enter the percentage of characters you need. A percentage above 100% will make the text range. However, if you set the percentage of text characters below 100% then the text will be tight.

4. Line Spacing in Text

Not only the spacing between characters that need to be edited. You also need to trim the spacing so that the text is perfectly neat. In setting the line spacing of text you can increase or decrease the amount of vertical space between lines of text in a paragraph.

  • Determine the style or text style you need. There are several options available on the Home tab of Microsoft Word.
  • Right-click on your selected text style option . Then, select Change .
  • Near the center of the dialog box, you’ll find a line spacing button that you can choose from. There are single spaces ( single ), double spaces ( multiple ), and 1.5 line spaces. Select the space you will apply to your text. Then, click OK .
  • You can change the style options on the text and adjust it according to your taste and needs. You can set the line spacing even more specifically. You just need to click on Format in the left corner of the Change Style dialog box , then select Paragraph .
  • The list of line spacing options in the menu allows you to select and set line spacing more specifically.

Here are some ways to set the spacing in Word for a document. You can use the options that Word has to make documents neat and pleasing to the eye.

Space changes can occur if you convert the file type from Word to PDF . The shape of the text that was once neat becomes messy. So you need to do some editing first. Well, you can use the methods above to tidy up the text. Easy, huh? Please try.