Expired Domains Can Be Purchased Again or Not? Find the Answer Here!

By | January 10, 2022

Domain is one of the important needs for those of you who want to build a business. Domain is a unique name that will be used to identify a website. It turns out that this domain has a validity period and can be expired. Then, what if the domain expired ? Can it be repurchased or not? The following will discuss in more detail about handling expired domains.

Solutions for Overcoming Expired Domains

Before knowing the solution for dealing with expired domains, it’s a good idea to know and understand more about the meaning of expired domains and the domain status cycle as follows.


Let’s understand first what is an expired domain. This is a type of domain whose active period has been declared expired. Each domain has a different active period, some are one year and some are more than that. This active period can be known when the user makes a purchase. Usually it has been explained about the cost of the domain and its validity period.

If the active period or the period of use of the domain has expired, then the status is expired. This domain will not be able to be registered directly once its validity expires. There must be a pause if you want to re-register the domain. Generally, the lag period for re-registering an expired domain is 80 days or up to 3 months.

So if there is a question that the domain has expired, can it be purchased again or not? The answer is yes, but you have to wait for the pause. One tip for those of you who want a domain name that is considered good but has expired then check again after 3 months. If it has not been used by someone else, the domain is available for use.

Domain State Cycle

In order to be more familiar with the expired domain status, let’s first understand the domain usage status cycle. After buying a domain, you should understand the rules of this cycle so that you know the status of the domain that is currently in use. Here is the state cycle for a domain:

  • Active Domain

It is clear from the name that it can be seen that this is an active domain status. This is the first stage of the domain usage cycle. This active period varies greatly depending on the agreement that has been determined by the domain provider and domain users.

In general, the average lifetime of a domain is 2 to 10 years. However, there are also domain providers that offer a longer active period. So you can just find which one best suits your needs. In addition, domain providers will also usually provide extension offers with a variety of time period options.

  • Renewal Grace Period

This stage is the phase where the domain’s active period has expired. When the active period is over, the domain goes into this cycle and lasts 30 to 40 days on average. At this stage, it means that the domain is no longer active, aka expired. This domain is no longer usable and will be parked by the registrar on a commercial page.

This phase is also known as the grace period. At this stage the domain can still be renewed by the owner if you really want to reuse it. Of course, the process of extending this domain will also cost money. However, if you don’t want to use it again, the domain will enter the next phase.

  • Redemption Period

If the expired domain is not renewed, it will automatically enter the redemption grace period. This stage will last for approximately 30 days. Domains that enter this phase mean that they have been removed by the registrar from the commercial page. This means that the domain can no longer be used and can no longer be renewed by the previous domain owner.

In some cases, the domain owner suddenly changes his mind and still wants to use the domain. If this happens, the domain owner can re-register the domain. It’s just that this process will require a very expensive cost, even the amount can be 10 times more expensive than the initial price of the domain. So, it is better to think carefully about whether to extend or not.

  • Pending Delete

The next phase that must be passed by a domain after the redemption period expires is pending delete. If the domain is not re-registered after the redemption period expires, it will immediately enter this stage. This pending delete is a phase where domain ownership will be permanently deleted and the domain will be sold.

Automatically, the previous domain owner can’t do anything to get this domain back. This domain status has been released and will be sold to the public. Usually this pending delete period lasts a short 5 to 7 days.

  • Available for Registration

This stage is a new beginning for a domain. Domains that have expired and are declared no longer renewed will be resold. At this time, the domain will become a new domain whose status is free to be used by anyone. Everyone can have the same opportunity to get the domain.

If the domain has reached this phase, it means that the domain is ready to enter a new cycle from the beginning again. There are many choices of domain names that you can find in this phase. You can choose a domain name that feels most suitable for the website you want to develop.

Tips for Buying an Expired Domain

From this explanation, it can be concluded that you can get an expired domain as long as the gap period is met. Purchases can be made if the domain is completely released and is free for anyone to buy. However, buying expired domains must also be done carefully.

You certainly can’t just choose a domain even though you really feel the domain is good. It should be understood again that this domain has expired status so that it means that it has been used by someone else. So, make sure to carefully choose which type of expired domain is still safe to use. Here are 2 tips that can be applied when choosing an expired domain:

  • Check Possible Spam

Please ensure that the domain to be used is never indicated for spam. If the old owner of the domain turns out to be frequently using the domain for spam, then it is better to avoid it. Do not let your website get a bad rating in the eyes of visitors because of this. Better to first make sure the credibility of the domain before using it.

  • Check Domain Authority

In addition to checking for indications of spam, please check the authority of the domain to be used. This is done to determine the extent of the strength of a website through this type of domain. This authority check can be done by looking at Domain Authority or DA using certain tools. At the very least, choose a domain with a DA value of at least 20+.

That was a brief explanation of the expired domain. If you want to buy a domain then this type of domain can be an option. Especially if there is a domain name that is considered good and matches your website. However, be sure to remain careful so that the domain you choose can bring you good luck.