4 Practical and Fast Ways to Screenshot on HP Laptops

By | January 10, 2022

In today’s digital era, the term screenshot or screenshot is not foreign to hear. Screen capture is a process for capturing the display of content on a computer or smartphone device . Not only that, users can also save the screenshot in their device’s folder or gallery.

However, those who first hear or know the term sometimes feel confused about how to start and take pictures on a laptop . There are several methods that users can use to capture the screen. Usually every laptop brand has a different screenshot method.

Therefore, Cari Signal will invite you to practice several methods to take screenshots on HP brand laptops . Without further ado, let’s reveal what methods you can try to capture the screen on an HP laptop.

1. Using the Snipping Tool App

Before you download another screenshot application, it turns out that you can taste the sophistication of the Snipping Tool application, you know! You just need to use this application on your HP laptop without the need to install it first.

You could say Snipping Tool is a default application from Microsoft Windows that has the ability to capture screens in various sizes or shapes. Curious how the performance of this screenshot application? Let’s see the steps to use it below:

  • The first step you can do is open the Snipping Tool application. You can find the application by first typing “Snipping Tool” in the search field.
  • Click the Snipping Tool icon in the shape of a scissor. The application will automatically open.
  • On the software page, you will be presented with several menus ranging from Mode, Delay, Cancel, and Options.
  • Each menu has submenus such as the Mode menu which consists of Free-form snip (capture with the desired shape), Rectangular Snip (four-sided capture as desired), Window Snip, and Full Screen Snip (to capture one full screen).
  • After getting acquainted with the menus in the Snipping Tool, then proceed with determining the content or page you want to capture.
  • Next, select the Mode menu and find the screenshot you want.
  • Continued by moving the cursor on the area you want to capture the screen or its content. Then the screenshot will appear automatically on the Snipping Tool application page.
  • Then, to save the screenshot, you can go to the File menu and choose Save As or to make it easier, just press CTRL + S.
  • Not to forget, to choose the type of screenshot file to be saved, the options include GIF file, JPEG file, Single HTML file (MHT).
  • Yepee! You can find screenshots in your HP laptop folder. How, not as difficult as imagined, right?

2. Take Screenshot with Lightshot App

The second method that you can implement to capture the screen on an HP laptop is to use the Lightshot application. The application that has been downloaded by hundreds of thousands of users around the world is able to take, save, and share screenshots to the internet.

This free application can be installed on a computer or laptop with a Windows operating system. In using this application is fairly easy. Do not believe? Try following the steps from Carisiyal below:

  • Especially for those of you who don’t have the Lightshot application, you can get it easily here . Followed by installing the application on the HP laptop.
  • Next, specify the screen or content that you want to capture with the Lightshot application.
  • Open the Lightshot application by sliding the cursor to the bottom right corner of the screen. Look for the up arrow, then click on it.
  • Then, you will see the Lightshot application icon in the form of a feather with a purple bandage.
  • When pressing the Lightshot application icon, the screen on the HP laptop will turn gray. No need to worry, this indicates that the screenshot activity can be run.
  • In screen capture, you are freed to shoot any shape or screen size as desired. For example, screenshots in full or maybe in certain areas of the screen.
  • Then, when the screen capture process is successfully carried out through this application, you are also given an offer to make the editing process such as adding doodles, text, and others.
  • If you feel there is no additional editing, you can directly save the screenshot file in the HP laptop folder. The method is quite easy, simply select the Save icon in the Lightshot application or press the CTRL + S key on the HP laptop keyboard.
  • Continued by specifying the type of screenshot file format ranging from PNG, BNP, to JPEG.

As described above, you can also share the screenshot to social media (Facebook, Blog, Twitter, and Pinterest) by pressing the share menu. It’s not easy to use the Lightshot application to take screenshots on an HP laptop.

3. Pressing Secret Keys on Keyboard

If you feel that the two methods above are too difficult to do, then you can still take screenshots of your HP laptop by pressing the secret key on the keyboard. Curious which button works to capture the screen? Without needing to linger, you can listen to it through the discussion below:

  • First of all, you have to make sure that the keyboard of your HP laptop is still working, aka it can run as it should.
  • Next, open the screen display or content you want to capture.
  • Continued by pressing the ” Prt Sc ” button located on the upper right side of the HP laptop keyboard.
  • When you massage the “Prt Sc” button, the system will automatically capture the screen display.
  • Then, what’s the next step? You can put the screenshot in the Paint application, Microsoft PowerPoint or even Microsoft Word.
  • For example, you want to put it in Microsoft PowerPoint, then you can simply open a new Slide and then press CTRL + V .
  • You can also edit screenshots in Microsoft PowerPoint from cropping, lighting, adding words, and more.

To save the screenshot file, all you have to do is press the CTRL + S key .

Don’t forget that you can choose the format of the screenshot file such as PNG, JPEG, PDF, PowerPoint Presentation, and many other options. Finally, determine where to save the screenshot file in an easy-to-find folder on your HP laptop.

4. More Practical Screenshots with Combined Keyboard Keys

As for the practical method to capture the screen without the need to use third-party applications or other software. This method allows you to not need to edit the screenshot.

Not only that, the results will be saved automatically in the screenshot folder on the HP laptop. Here are the steps:

  • First, open the view or content that you want to capture.
  • Then, make sure the keyboard is active and still working.
  • If the keyboard is on, then continue by pressing the Windows key (located at the bottom left of the keyboard) together with the Prt Sc key (located at the top right of the keyboard).
  • When the two buttons are pressed, the screen of your HP laptop will flash which indicates the screenshot process has been completed.
  • To make sure the file from the screenshot is saved, you can visit the screenshots folder in the Pictures menu on your laptop device.
  • Voila! You will find screenshot files in PNG format. Practical isn’t it?

Thus the explanation of 4 ways to take screenshots on HP laptops. Which do you think is the easiest way to capture the screen? Don’t hesitate to comment in the comments column, OK! If your laptop is a Lenovo brand, you can read the article 4 Easy Ways to Screenshot on a Lenovo Laptop .